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  1. Finding a Place for Emotions by Gregory S. Clapper

    The theologian must see that the emotions have definite implications for the Christian life and that the Christian story has important implications for the affectional life.

  2. Human Immortality by William James

    (ENTIRE BOOK) Immortality is not incompatible with the brain-function theory of our present mundane consciousness. It is compatible in fully individualized form. Every memory and affection of one’s present life is to be preserved.

  3. Psychiatry and Pastoral Counseling by Don Browning

    In this account of his experience as a counselor to a rap group of veterans affiliated with Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Lifton has given us a remarkably penetrating and sensitive psychohistorical study of these young menís inner experience of the tenor and purposelessness of that war.

  4. The Varieties of Religious Experience: A Study in Human Nature by William James

    (ENTIRE BOOK) It is to our cultureís advantage that there exists so many religious types and sects and creeds. This classic book has become famous as the standard scientific work on the psychology of religious impulses and of the varieties of religious experiences.