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  1. Paul Tillich as Hero: An Interview with Rollo May by Eliott Wright

    Hannah (Tillich’s wife) leaves the impression Paulus was a prurient person trying to get as many women as possible into bed. This is a distortion of fact and, more seriously, a distortion of his character. Yet people want to hear and see the prurient.

  2. Paul Tillich’s Gift of Understanding by Lawton Posey

    Tillich’s theology revealed a human being involved in a human struggle to understand. It contained a concern with the person of Jesus, encouraged a new look at the church and challenged the preacher during the times when required to preach even when life seemed cruel and sometimes meaningless.

  3. Tillich’s Social Thought: New Perspectives by Franklin Sherman

    Much of what Paul Tillich has to say is pertinent to any effort to relate Christian theology and ethics to the social problems of our times and embraced a form of socialism. But he showed a full appreciation of the danger, as seen in the Soviet example, of turning socialism into a form of totalitarianism.

  4. What Tillich Meant to Me by Max L. Stackhouse

    Tillich could speak of emptiness and change and, by turning them inside out, find that the whirl had a structure and the void a heart.