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H. Richard Niebuhr

  1. A Contested Classic: Critics Ask: Whose Christ? Which Culture? by Peter R. Gathje

    Although H. Richard Niebuhr claimed to present various theological points of view with no bias, his critics claim otherwise. His biases, they say, are often reflected in the very way in which he presents his materials.

  2. Christianity and Cultures: Transforming Niebuhr's Categories by George Marsden

    The author looks at Niebuhr's typology of various possible relations between Christianity and the culture and shows their relevance for our present time.

  3. God and Ourselves: The Witness of H. Richard Niebuhr by Douglas F. Ottati

    We are always responding to the will and activity of God, Niebuhr contended, whether we realize it or not. A radically monotheistic faith resists devotion to lesser gods and critiques our loyalties to values that are less than universal.

  4. The Reconstruction of Faith by H. Richard Niebuhr

    What appears to happen in fellowship with Jesus is that our distrust of God is turned somewhat in the direction of trust.

  5. The Responsibility of the Church for Society by H. Richard Niebuhr

    Dr. Niebuhr spells out the nature and scope of the Churches' responsibility for society and challenges the churches to be both shepherds of the lost and social pioneers.