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  1. An Old/New Theology of History by Richard Lischer

    Pannenberg revives Hegelís philosophy of history. Hegelís influence on Pannenberg is explored here. Pannenbergís theology relies too heavily on a philosophy from which anything can be and has been proved.

  2. Godís Presence in History by Wolfhart Pannenberg

    There is no direct conceptual approach to God, or from God to human reality, but Godís presence is hidden in the particulars of history.

  3. Pannenberg Jousts with the World Council of Churches by Richard John Neuhaus

    The idea of Christian unity is too radical for some people. We are tempted to give up on it, not because it has been tried and found to be wanting but because we have found it to be difficult.

  4. Pannenberg on Marxism: Insights and Generalizations by Stanley J. Grenz

    According to Pannenberg, Christians cannot use Marxism as a scientific, sociological tool in the task of understanding the dynamic of oppression in contemporary societies.

  5. Wolfhart Pannenberg's Quest for Ultimate Truth by Stanley J. Grenz

    Pannenberg has never wandered from his commitment to the fundamental orientation of the theological task as he sees it, one that enjoys a long, prestigious heritage.