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Liberation Theology

  1. Birth Pangs: Liberation Theology in North America by Frederick Herzog

    There can be no systematic theology in North America today without analysis of Marx. Theology that doesnít take the poor into account from the outset isnít Christian theology. Once considered exotic and fanciful, liberation theologies now have a good chance of becoming the way ahead for theology in the next century.

  2. Contextual Theology: Liberation and Indigenization by J. Deotis Roberts, Sr.

    It is our task to observe where God is at work and to join in the liberation of the oppressed. Each must discover God in Christ at work where he or she is and move from that center, being guided by the Spirit, toward making life more human.

  3. For Life and Against Death: A Theology That Takes Sides by Jose Miguez-Bonino

    We are faced with a total system of death, a threat to all life and to the whole life. It is our Christian privilege and duty to witness concretely and unhesitantly, with all the resources we have, to Godís creative and redemptive concern for life and against death!

  4. Jose Maria Arguedas: Godfather of Liberationism by Stephen B. Wall-Smith

    The novelist, Arguedas, worked toward a Peruvian transculturation, whereby the values of the highland people will not succumb to the blind, scientific or Western mentality of coastal culture. His vision has been carried along by Gutiérrez and other liberationists, who have placed the struggle between the poor and the powerful centrally in their works.

  5. Latin America and the Need for a Life-Liberating Theology by Ingemar Hedström

    Latin American liberation perspectives must be committed to the integrity of creation if they are to meet the needs of the human poor. The author compares the diminishing migrations of birds from North America to Central and South America to the plight of the poor: "If this is happening with wild animals, we may easily guess who is to follow."

  6. Mujeristas: A Name of Our Own!! by Ada Maria Asisi-Diaz

    An exploration of the emergence of mujerista theology -- which brings together elements of feminist theology, Latin American liberation theology and cultural theology.

  7. Outlining Rice-Roots Theology by Deane William Ferm

    Liberation theology, although especially provocative, is little known to Western readers. The three continents of South America, Africa and Asia share liberation theology’s public enemy number one: the appalling political, social and economic oppression which has led to extreme human degradation.

  8. Resistance and Reconstruction by J. Matthew Ashley

    A review of a collection of essays by liberation theologians.

  9. The Effects on Korea of Un-Ecological Theology by Jong-Sun Noh

    Liberation theology from a Korean Minjung perspective -- particularly an analysis of theologies that reflect and endorse first world and imperialistic or colonialistic interests.

  10. The Gospel and the Liberation of the Poor by James M. Cone

    How can theology be black if the sources used for its explication are derived primarily from the white Western theological tradition?

  11. Whatever Happened to Liberation Theology? by Nancy E. Bedford

    The author tells what has happened to the Liberation Theology that several decades ago was such a powerful influence in the churches of Latin America.

  12. Whither Liberation Theology? by Mark Kline Taylor

    Trusting in God’s grace-full activity in our world, we need to try to halt the juggernaut of U.S. policy and redirect it toward liberation -- whether it’s called a "restructuring" or a "revolution" -- for all the Americas.