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  1. A Church in the Wildwood by James T. Baker

    We tend to forget how important a church building’s physical structure is to religious experience.

  2. Brain, Mind and God by James B. Ashbrook

    A cross-disciplinary understanding that brings together a consideration of the brain-mind relationship and the symbol-images of Byzantine and medieval architecture. Buildings give us architectures of the mind, outward and visible images of inward and spiritual mind-sets.

  3. Coventry Cathedral's Message of Forgiveness by David Douglas

    A visit to Coventry Cathedral teaches the author to understand forgiveness in a new and deeper way.

  4. Designing Distinctive Churches by Michael J. Crosbie

    The author selects eight examples of excellent contemporary church design, each embodying a particular community’s religious identity and mission in its context.

  5. Notes on Sacred Space by E. A. Sovik

    If beauty -- not a particular beauty, but any beautiful thing -- is a metaphor of the sacred, then there is no such thing as a uniquely “religious” or ecclesiastical idiom in architecture or in the other arts. Beauty evokes in us the sense of the holy. So artists and priests are companions in every religion.

  6. Sacred Spaces by Gretchen T. Buggeln

    Can churches build to reflect the idiom of a secular consumer society effectively counter the culture’s influences? This and other questions are pondered by the authors of the books here reviewed.