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  1. Close-knit Megachurches by John Dart

    A compilation of megastatistics about the megachurch.

  2. Dangers of the Church Growth Movement by Ralph H. Elliott

    Is it possible to maintain our identity as the church and to be a "successful" institution at the same time? Were dealing with a heresy in the "church growth movement." Its stance is based on false ideas and has many dangers.

  3. Diagnose This! by Daniel L. Bohlman

    Well be all right. Goliath has size, but David has a good heart.

  4. Is Willow Creek the Way of the Future? by David S. Leucke

    Personifying the person you are trying to reach is a helpful starting point. Church leaders used to do this intuitively. Though it is very media-oriented, Willow Creek has not opted for a TV ministry. And it is not focused on one personality.

  5. Megalessons by Anthony B. Robinson

    The authors of the books reviewed give a good analysis of the Megachurch impact on the institution of the church. They analyze the myths, the future and how these are changing the shape of religion for better or for worse.

  6. The Lure of Upward Mobility by Ralph S. Parvin

    Three failings of mainline denominations are targeted: overemphasis on large-membership churches, inflexible liturgy, and an unfair method of paying clergy.

  7. The Ultimate Church by Tom Raabe

    A prediction of what the future holds for the megachurch movement. Where will this apotheosization of numbers for numbers’ sake end?