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  1. Biting the Bullet: The Case for Legalizing Drugs by Walter Wink

    It is not drugs but drug laws that have made drug dealing profitable.

  2. Drug Abuse and the Church: Are the Blind Leading the Blind? by Stephen P. Apthorp

    The church and its leaders are among the afflicted, if not the addicted. Turning to the church for help, people affected by substance abuse have often put their trust in dysfunctional people and places.

  3. Drug policy: The Fix We're In by Walter Wink

    The author argues that we should not address the problem of illicit drugs as a war to be one, but as an epidemic to be checked, a disease to be cured.

  4. Ecology and the Church: Theology and Action by Diane E. Sherwood

    The destruction of the earth is prompting churches to explore their role in protecting the environment. This article explores the theological and active roles of several denominations involved in ecological activity.

  5. God and Alcoholism by Dick B.

    An overview of the Alcoholics Anonymous movement. The author,"Dick B.," covers the biblical roots of the movement, its Twelve Step recovery program, and its emphasis on God.

  6. Hidden Pursuits by Lillian Daniel

    The author reviews a book about sex, drugs and cheap labor and concludes that if Christians are to be as wise as serpents and innocent as doves, some of that wise innocence needs to be used to critique what the market is selling, to expose its false promises and to return to practices of faith that offer more.