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  1. A Protestant Look At American Catholicism by John C. Bennett, Stanley Lowell and William Clancy

    A debate between three ethicists about the state of Catholicism in America.

  2. American Catholicism Assessed From Within by Gustave Weigel

    An editor of a Protestant journal of opinion recently stated that one of the current tasks facing a Protestant religious journalist is to tell American Protestants that America is no longer a Protestant country.

  3. Can Catholics Find Common Ground? by Bill O'Brien

    The author of the book reviewed suggests several views that might salvage the Catholic church: retain celibacy and call for heroic holiness; remove required celibacy and eventually ordain women; restudy and change the very idea of priesthood.

  4. Catholic Nuns and the Need for Responsible Dissent by Jeannine Gramick

    While there has been substantial dissent among Roman Catholics from the bishops’ pastoral letters, "The Challenge of Peace" and ‘‘Economic Justice for All," dissent on sexual matters such as abortion, homosexuality, priestly ordination of women and even birth control has become increasingly less tolerable to church authorities.

  5. Catholic Oaths and Academic Freedom by Michael B. Lukens

    The Vatican’s new restrictions on theological teaching at Catholic colleges and universities -- including the reinstatement of loyalty oaths -- will isolate Catholics and work to the detriment of the church.

  6. Dorothy Dohen’s Reclamation of Virginity by Debra Campbell

    The Catholic church’s admonitions to young women to preserve their virginity at all costs consisted chiefly, at least in the past, of dramatic warnings, what one might call "spiritual terrorism," in that all Catholic girls should be willing to die to preserve their virginity, because Catholic educators told them so and because the alternative was unthinkable. A new appreciation of virginity informed by church history and feminist theology is needed.

  7. Four Churches in One: Latin American Catholicism by Robert Jones

    There are four churches of Catholicism in Latin America: 1. The escapist faith of nonhuman magical ritual. 2. The traditional church. 3. The progressive church of Vatican II. 4. The church of the liberation theologians: José Míguez Bonino, Juan Segundo, Gustavo Gutiérrez and the rest -- the church of the poor and the dispossessed.

  8. Medjugorje’s Miracles: Faith and Profit by Denis R. Janz

    A critical eye is cast on the "apparition" of the Virgin in Medjugorje, Yugoslavia. "…I wonder what kind of God would heal the aches and pains of rich Americans while turning a deaf ear to the cries of starving children elsewhere in the world."

  9. Pope Pius XII and the Nazis by John T. Pawlikowski

    The author reviews two books about Pope Pius XII. One is quite critical of the so called "Nazi" pope, the other strongly defense. There is no middle ground between the two authors. Both volumes are part of the current struggle over the possible beatification and canonization of Pius XII.

  10. The Battle for the Catholic Church by Phillip Berryman

    The author criticizes the Curia and the pope himself for an attempt to return Catholicism to a pre-Vatican II authoritarian church.

  11. The Catholic Experience at Taming Pluralism by Joseph M. McShane, S.J.

    At the dawn of the 20th century, Catholics finally learned that the First Amendment gave the churches wide latitude to influence public policy.

  12. The Christian of the Future by Karl Rahner

    (ENTIRE BOOK) A reflection on the nature, limits, and possibilities of change taking place in the Roman Catholic Church during and since the Second Vatican Council.

  13. Tomorrow's Catholics by Christopher J. Ruddy

    James Carroll, George Weigel and Garry Wills all agree that the sexual-abuse crisis is symptomatic of a deeper cultural war in Catholicism, but they differ -- often diametrically -- on what is at stake.