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  1. A Road Map for Peace and Justice by The Resource Center of the Americas

    Seven simple principles to achieve peace in the context of the terrorist attacks.

  2. America, the War, and Israel by Tony Judt

    The author believes that the Israel—Palestine conflict a major contributor to modern anti-American feeling, and that Israel is behaving irresponsibly.

  3. Crumbling Pillars -- Anarchy at Home and Abroad by William F. May

    The author analyzes the nature of terrorism. Disproportionate retaliatory action to terrorism may solve no problem, but simply produce thousands of terrorists in their place.

  4. Diplomats Protest Lack of Information by Barbara Crossette

    Hundreds of foreigners are being denied rights guaranteed under the American Constitution.

  5. His Majesty: the President of the United States by Charles Levendosky

    Step by step, the Bush administration is marching this nation toward an imperial presidencya presidency with unchecked power.

  6. In Sacramento, A Publisher Stirs the Wrath of the Crowd by Timothy Egan

    In California, a commencement speaker urging that citizens work to safeguard their fights to free speech, against unlawful detainment, and for a fair trial, is booed off the stage.

  7. Inhuman Behavior by Kermit D. Johnson

    Whenever we torture or mistreat prisoners, our morality is no better than that of the enemy, and we are adopting the terrorist ethic that the end justifies the means.

  8. Liturgy For Life by William F. May

    People who are formed by the prayers and sacraments of the church should think and act distinctively in the face of terrorism.

  9. Military Bases Boost Capability but Fuel Anger by William M. Arkin

    United States presence in nine countries ringing Afghanistan enhances capability but also fuels Islamic extremism

  10. My Beating by Refugees is a Symbol of the Hatred and Fury of this Filthy War by Robert Fisk

    Fisk tells the harrowing story of his beating at the hands of Afghanistani refugees, and concludes that if he had been one of them, he would have done just what they did.

  11. On Message by David Samuels

    The author reports on the way media coverage of the "war" is robbing the American public.

  12. Practical Help for Afghans by Fred P. Hochberg

    Microlending is a practical way to help the poor world-wide, at low cost and with significant results.

  13. Res Publica by Lewis H. Lapham

    Lapham holds that the current laissez-faire theories of government do America an injustice. They don’t speak to the best of our character; neither do they express the cherished ideal embodied in the history of a courageous people, namely, the love of freedom.

  14. This War is Not Just by James Carroll

    Carroll examines the historic "just war" theory as applied to the current terrorist situation.

  15. Wake Up, America by Anthony Lewis

    The military tribunal proposal seriously threatens America's basic Constitutional rights.

  16. Welcome to Kabul by Nicholas D. Kristof

    What is needed more than anything is for Americans to show leadership not just in destroying, but also in rebuilding.

  17. World Opinion Opposes the Attack on Afghanistan by David Miller

    An analysis of news outlets around the world reveals a strong opposition to U.S. attacks in Afghanistan.