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  1. ABCs of Faith by Debra Bendis

    Alpha training is not an "evangelism solution on tape" or "evangelism in a can," but an effective tool of education and evangelism that can rejuvenate longtime church members and encourage them to share stories of faith and doubt. It is drawing skeptics and seekers to the Christian faith and into the church.

  2. Brainwashed or Converted? by Lowell D. Streiker

    Once pejorative labels like "brainwashing" have been affixed to conversion, any church is fair game for claims of damages.

  3. Evangelism as Entertainment by Robert M. Price

    In the era of the electronic church and the born-again media blitz, the message comes through loud and clear: evangelical ministry is such that whether the preacher really believes in it or not doesn’t matter! The mass-culture media religion is so superficial that it scarcely matters whether its adherents are cynically being "taken."

  4. Evangelism When Certainty Is an Illusion by John Shelby Spong

    A church that talks of salvation but does not battle for social justice will be dismissed as phony. A church that shuns controversy for fear of upsetting its membership has ceased to be the church and has become a club. No program of evangelism will save it.

  5. I Found the Lord in Jerusalem by William R. Watters, Jr.

    Most Christians in Israel do not proselytize among the Jews; but a few high-keyed evangelists have created in the minds of Israelis the illusion that many Christians are actively seeking to convert Jews.

  6. Parallel Conversions: Charismatics and Recovered Alcoholics by Joseph H. Fichter

    Something happens to the converted alcoholic or the converted charismatic that brings about change, sometimes a quick illumination, but often a rather gradual and increasingly insistent spiritual awakening. The spiritual conversion experienced by both of these groups is intended to carry the individual along in a "new" way of life, and it does for those who stay with it.

  7. Religious Cause, Religious Cure by Martin E. Marty

    There is a need for thoughtful people to make some discriminations between and within religious groups -- to look for curing impulses that are latent in the faiths that so easily can spread disease.

  8. The Needle’s Eye: Christians and Their Money by Doris Donnelly

    The most pressing issue in the world today -- political, economic and moral -- is the fact that a minority of human beings pursue without limits their own pleasure, while the majority pay for that privilege with their very lives.

  9. What the Mainline Denominations Are Doing in Evangelism by Alfred C. Krass

    The churches have moved toward a new paradigm for expressing what we do in sharing the gospel with others: storytelling. Churches do not seem to be responding in two areas: 1. In the relationship of the family to evangelism. 2. No questions are being raised in the area of communications.

  10. Youth on the Edge by D. Michael Lindsay

    The spiritual hunger of present day teens is remarkable, but the challenge is to channel this free-floating, often nebulous, ethereal religiosity into genuine religious commitment.