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  1. A Place Called Community by Parker J. Palmer

    In community one learns that the problems we pose for one another are not obstacles blocking our progress but ways of refining our understandings, and if we can embrace the problems (and each other) then the possibilities appear.

  2. Achievable Miracles in Subsidized Housing by J. S. Fuerst

    Two projects operated by Ade Realty Management of Chicago are giving attention because they have traveled the road toward ruin and have returned to solvency. Their stories can provide a guide to the methods of turning near-failures into successes. A diversity of tenants is the key to success for low-cost housing projects.

  3. Can Churches Save the City? A Look at Resources by Arthur E. Farnsley II

    Recent major media articles on congregation-based inner-city ministries give a false impression that much is really known about these saving enterprises. Farnsley asks, "What kinds of churches and pastors are involved in community development?" and "What resources are available to urban congregations?  

  4. Churches in Communities: A Place to Stand by Jim Gittings

    Readers whose last contact with organized community action groups occurred in the 1960s and 70s may miss two important characteristics of the Industrial Areas Foundation-related new-style outfits. In the first place, IAF-related groups do not organize around issues; they organize around churches and other solid organizations for the benefit of people in the neighborhoods.