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Christian Biopolitics: A Credo & Strategy for the Future by Kenneth Cauthen

Dr. Cauthen is the John Price Grazer Griffith professor of theology at Colgate Rochester Divinity School/Bexley Hall/Grazer Theological Seminary. Published by Abingdon Press, Nashville; New York, 1971. This material was prepared for Religion Online by Ted and Winnie Brock.

A planetary society is emerging which sets requirements for human fulfillment for the species as a whole that cannot be met unless there are profound changes in the ideas, values, and power coalitions that now determine our priorities and shape our politics.

Part I looks at the cultural and historical crises facing our human development. Part II. Analyzes the futurist movement of hope in both the secular and religious areas.

We may not survive these next few years. If we can devise new mechanisms to help us survive this round of terrible crises, we have a chance of moving into a new world of incredible potentialities for all mankind.

Chapter 1: Transition: Perils and Promises
The next fifty years may be the most crucial in all of manís history.

Chapter 2: Transformation: Catastrophe or Conversion
Fundamental transformation of ideas, attitudes, values, commitments, and goals is required. The author suggests several priority areas requiring change: nationalism, racism, consumption, population and war.

Chapter 3: Dreaming: Visions and Values
The crisis of our times appears at the point where its positive images of the future have faded or been replaced with ambiguous or negative ones. Hope for our society lies in the possibility of the rebirth of visionary thought.

Jouvenel: The future is power for we can act only upon it. Gabor: The future cannot be predicted, but it can be invented.

Chapter 4: Futurism: Projecting and Planning
Recent theologies of hope tend to develop their categories too exclusively in biblical and theological categories without a consideration with the processes of the real world.

Chapter 5: Life: Enjoyment and Ecstasy
The author spells out some of the characteristics of a biopolitical theology, incorporating process theology.

Chapter 6: Church: Message and Ministry
The specific contribution that can be made by the church to achieve a good future.

Where shall we turn for a vision that can give us the victory without which we perish?

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