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God and Alcoholism by Dick B.

Dick B. is an historian, a Christian, a Bible student, a retired attorney and a recovering alcoholic. Published by Paradise Research Publications, Inc., Kihei, Maui, Hawaii, 2002. Used by permission of the author. This material was prepared for Religion Online by Ted and Winnie Brock.

Chapter 1: The Real Facts about A.A.ís Pioneer Group
The history, the "musts" and some important details of the early Alcoholic Anonymous. movement.

Chapter 2: A.A.ís Great Role: A Review of, and Experiences with, the Practices, Principles, and Values of AA.
The author looks at the ideas and terminology about God, and writes about healing, cure, deliverance, and overcoming. He lists many Christian leaders who have contributed to A.A.

Chapter 3: The Good News: What God Can Do about Alcoholism
The author relates the A.A. founders' emphasis on Godís curing of the alcoholic and the importance of this concept. He summarizes A.A.ís major virtues.

Chapter 4: The Nonsense "gods" of Recovery
The pioneer movement of A.A. was more certain that God was the source of their recovery, but as the movement proceeded, various ideas of God proliferated, some good, some nonsensical.

Chapter 5: The Opportunity
The author summarizes the important principles of A.A.: One drunk helping another; reliance on Godís Power; the debilitating effect of money and other important messages of deliverance.

Chapter 6: Why Bring up God -- Again!
Dick B. insists on the central role of God in the whole A.A. movement and how God loves, delivers, heals, forgives and guides. It is the God of the Bible.

An extensive bibliography on the A.A. movement,

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